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You Just Never Know

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9. You Just Never Know
Music and lyrics by Alice Howe and Freebo
© 2018 Know Howe Music (BMI) and Bassline Music (BMI)

Alice Howe: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Freebo: fretless bass, harmony vocals
Jeff Fielder: dobro
Geoff Goodhue: mandolin
John Molo: drums
Augie Howe: harmony vocals


I’m westward bound on the turnpike
And the sky is looking like rain
And the farther I go the more sure I grow
I can’t go back the way that I came
I pass the exit that led to my first love
I can’t say where he’s living now
But a lifetime ago I’d have taken that road
Just as fast as those turns would allow
Am I covering ground or just spinning my wheels?
Have I got farther to go?
Right around the next bend it may all be revealed
But the truth is you just never know
You just never know
Well I looked to this road for my freedom
And I drove it from end to end
And it dumped me into the ocean
Then it sent me right back again
I take it one mile at a time
As I get up to speed along these white lines
I’m alone in the gathering night
Adrift on a sea of little red lights
Well I’ve left in a hurry and I’ve taken my time
Driven blinded by love and by the tears in my eyes
Broken down on the shoulder with no place to go
And I’ve breezed through the night as I made my way home