1. Getaway Car

From the recording Visions

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Getaway Car

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8. Getaway Car
Music and lyrics by Alice Howe and Freebo
© 2018 Know Howe Music (BMI) and Bassline Music (BMI)

Alice Howe: lead vocal
Freebo: fretless bass
John ‘JT’ Thomas: Hammond B-3 organ
Fuzzbee Morse: electric guitar
John Molo: drums
Lee Thornburg: horn arrangement, trumpet, trombone
Paul Perez: tenor and baritone saxophones


I’ve been working so hard with nothing to show
It’s time for a change, why don’t we get up and go?
I’m making a break, won’t you be my partner in crime?
We’ll get away fast, we’ll get away far
We’ll get away clean in my getaway car
My motor is moanin’ so come on inside
Buckle up baby I’m ready to ride
It’s cozy and warm in my five-speed shiny machine
If we get a flat tire I still got a plan
I’ll jack it up slow you can give me a hand
And it ain’t no hurry, I don’t mind taking my time
We’ll listen to Muddy, we’ll listen to Taj
Stereo blasting while we get out of Dodge
If you don’t like it, baby, you got me to blame
But I guarantee you’ll be so glad you came
Well there’s no destination, it’s all about the ride
Whatever you need you know I’ll provide
Keep an eye on the road and keep the other eye on me