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What We Got Is Gold

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4. What We Got Is Gold
Music and lyrics by Alice Howe
© 2018 Know Howe Music (BMI)

Alice Howe: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Freebo: fretless bass, harmony vocals
John ‘JT’ Thomas: accordion
John Molo: drums


The night is louder than it’s been before
I hear it knocking on my walls and doors
Saying soon enough it’s time to go
But these precious hours I keep you close
Of all the nights in recent memory
There were so many you were far from me
And I just heard my heart keeping lonely time
Wishing yours was there to echo mine
If the papers would all print old news
They’d say I’m still in love with you
Let the years go by, it remains the same
What we got is gold, and what’s its worth won’t change
Well I fear I turned you upside down
When I tore you from your hometown
Just to make you wait at home for me
And keep this fire alive tirelessly
But if your patience ever reached an end
Tell me baby what would I do then
Say that it’s all right to ease my mind
Though you told me so a thousand times
All along the road these faces seem to come and go
But yours, my love, will never fade