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Still On My Mind

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3. Still On My Mind
Music and lyrics by Alice Howe and Freebo
© 2018 Know Howe Music (BMI) and Bassline Music (BMI)

Alice Howe: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Freebo: fretless bass, harmony vocals
John ‘JT’ Thomas: electric piano, organ
Fuzzbee Morse: electric guitar (left channel)
Jeff Fielder: electric slide guitar (right channel)
John Molo: drums
Al Keith: congas


Rain falling across the water
Mist is rising on the mountainside
Leaves are blooming in the ash tree
Robin’s looking for something sweet
Where I’m sitting beneath the eaves
Not one drop will find me
A little seedling is breaking through
Persistent as the thought of you
Looking out into a sea of green
Thinking on the years and miles that lie between
It seems so long ago
But you’re still on my mind you know
I go walking through the trees
The water dances over stones
The April morning is clean and new
But a breeze has brought the thought of you
I sat down by the riverside
Fearing I could drink it dry
And still not be satisfied…satisfied
The banks are full with all this rain
If they’ll overflow I can’t say
Crickets calling in the firelight
And a long and gentle sleep tonight