1. Twilight

From the recording Visions

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1. Twilight
Music and lyrics by Alice Howe and Freebo
© 2018 Know Howe Music (BMI) and Bassline Music (BMI)

Alice Howe: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Freebo: fretless bass, harmony vocals
John ‘JT’ Thomas: electric piano
Fuzzbee Morse: electric guitar (left channel)
Jeff Fielder: electric guitar (right channel)
John Molo: drums
Augie Howe: harmony vocals


I know a dirt road in the late afternoon
Where the shade and the sunlight gather in pools
There are trees to the right, twisted and wild
To my left is the sea like a glimmering eye
I’m not the first one and I won’t be the last
Who has come to this crossroads and breezed on past
With my destination my only concern
One foot on the gas as the yellow light turns
There’s nothing like being alone at twilight
The ocean and I each approaching high tide
Held aloft on the waves of my pride
I’m better off walking alone at twilight
My lover is steady and he tells me be still
And take a deep breath – he’s hoping I will
But my mind keeps on racing till I’m far out of sight
At the end of the road on the threshold of night
Well the sun’s gone down and the twilight has passed
That magic hour it never lasts
It’s a long strand of pearls, one that I’ll never own
And the answers I seek are the smallest of stones
So I work till I’m tired then I lay down to rest
And that takes just a bit of this weight off my chest
But the years stretch before me, I admit that it’s true
This restless pursuit is what I’m called to do